NBA calls for fair prices for all
Published:  27 July, 2012

The National Beef Association (NBA) has called on supermarkets to pay fair prices for all food to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

Expressing support of dairy farmers in their current fight with the retailers over prices, the organisation said that attention should be given to all sectors that are being squeezed by rising input costs.

NBA chairman Hamish McBean said: “It has been tremendous to see how united the dairy sector is at this time, and the success they are having on the back of the excellent media coverage of their plight. The processors and retailers will have a tough time justifying their stance when their own customers are saying they do not want to see dairy farming threatened by supermarkets keeping prices down.

“The NBA is 100% behind the dairy industry, but would also like to highlight the pressure on other sectors too. It is easy to assume that the upward move in beef prices over the last year or so is guaranteeing a more positive future for beef farmers, but the cost of production is rising too, making margins tighter and tighter.”

Joanne Pugh, NBA assistant director, added: “We appreciate the pressure on processors and supermarkets to provide affordable food, but offering farmers less than the cost of production is not the solution. The marketplace must offer a fair return to beef producers, and indeed all farmers, to ensure a sustainable industry.”

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