NPA calls on British public to “save our bacon”

The National Pig Association (NPA) has called on British shoppers for a second time to support the nation’s pig farmers the way they have supported team GB.

The call came this week after three more British pig farmers said they were selling their herds, due to major financial decline. The loss of three more pig farms means the industry will lose 63,000 rashers of bacon, 95,000 sausages and 10,000 pork pies a week.

According to Dr Zoe Davies, who represents the nation’s pig farmers, it is the British public who have the future of the country’s bacon in their hands. Davies said: “Please make an extra special effort over the next few weeks to look for the British Red Tractor logo.”

British pork and bacon, the NPA said, has already had a boost from the London Olympics organising committee, which insisted all pork and bacon served at the games was Red Tractor-accredited. Despite support from the Olympics, the NPA has said farmers are suffering from the “unprecedented” cost of animal feed caused by poor harvests across the globe.

The answer, Davies explained, is in the British public and supermarkets. She said: “If supermarkets see a surge in demand for British product, it will persuade them to pay our farmers the few extra pennies a kilo more they need to cover their soaring feed bills. Farmers are losing £10 on every pig they sell.”

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