Butcher falls foul of Olympic branding laws

A Brighton-based butcher found himself on the wrong side of Olympic bosses when a promotion he was running infringed Olympic branding rules.

Paul Clark of Clark’s Butchers in Brighton said his £10 Olympic BBQ promotional package “fell foul” of the branding laws because Olympic rings were used on his A-board. Trading standards, working on behalf of the Olympics, told Clark to take down the board and promotional material mentioning the Games as he was not an official sponsor.

Clark said: “I didn’t know I was falling foul of the laws, as basically I spend most of my time in the shop. I feel it’s bullying, because the bigger companies can afford to sponsor, but the little companies cannot.”

Clark said he thinks smaller businesses should have been able to use the Olympics to promote offers as a way of getting involved. “People coming over here to watch the Olympics want to see us supporting the Games,” added Clark.

Despite the issue, Clark said his customers still supported him and still came to take advantage of the offer, which was still running without the logo. He added: “Butchers should not be bullied into having things stopped; business is hard enough as it is.”