Tesco to resume Manx meat supply
Published:  24 August, 2012

Tesco is to resume its supply of meat from the only abattoir on the Isle of Man, the plant has confirmed. 

A statement from Isle of Man Meat said: “Approval in principle has been gained from Tesco to resume supply. Although no date is as yet agreed, Isle of Man Meats resolved all the outstanding technical issues several weeks ago and are now awaiting final confirmation of specifications and indication of the ranges of Manx meat Tesco wish to stock.”

The standard of the meat and the hygiene at the plant were never called into question, but Tesco had raised concerns over the standard of auditing and paperwork, along with the equipment at the plant, at an unannounced inspection in February, and supply was suspended. Although the plant complied with Tesco’s request to replace equipment and worked with the retailer to make ‘significant progress’, it failed a second inspection in May.

However a Tesco spokesperson today said: “We continue to work closely with Isle of Man Meats and are making significant progress. We hope to be in a position to restock products from this supplier in the coming weeks and are looking forward to bringing back quality Manx meat to our customers in Douglas.”

The Isle of Man abattoir is the only slaughterhouse on the island and Tesco is one of its main customers. Since Ocotber 2011, the plant has been managed by the island’s government after the previous manager, farmers’ co-operative Fatstock Marketing Association (FMA) warned that the abattoir was facing insolvency within six months.

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