UK cattle and sheep yearbook launched

A new year book launched by Eblex and AHDB shows that sheep meat produced in the UK topped £1.14bn last year, while beef totalled £2.695bn.

The yearbook, which has been revamped for 2012, compiles statistics for farmers, auction markets, processors, retailers and other meat industry stakeholders. According to Eblex, the yearbook creates an “accurate picture of beef and sheep meat production in the UK” today.

As well as production levels and exports, the new book includes data of livestock numbers, slaughterings, consumption, livestock and meat prices along with facts on abattoirs, auction markets and carcase classifications.

The new yearbook combines two separate publications previously published by Eblex — A Pocketful of Meat Facts and the old yearbook.

AHDB data and analysis manager James Pownall said: “We have been publishing both the UK Yearbook Pocketful for a number of years and they have become a much-used reference resource for the domestic industry.

“As part of our business planning process, we reviewed both publications and, as there was some crossover, decided to change the format and merge the two together so all the facts and figures are in one place. The idea is to ensure that all those in the industry are armed with as much information as possible to help them make business decisions.”