Padstow farmer wins row with Tesco

A Padstow-based farmer has claimed victory in a battle against supermarket giant Tesco after demanding his local store takes down what he thought was a misleading sign.

The sign outside the Tesco store claimed that meat sold inside the supermarket was supplied by a local butcher. However, farmer Matt Watson Smyth, who also runs a family-owned farm shop, claims he is the only local butcher in the area, and he does not supply Tesco.

Smyth explained that after a recent “tart-up” of the local Tesco store, a new sign outside stated that the meat sold inside was 100% British and supplied by the store's butcher. Smyth said: “There is no butcher in the shop and my main gripe is that they were misleading customers and moving them away from my shop.”

After speaking with management in the shop, Smyth had no luck and moved on to the company’s head office, where he said: “They looked at me like I was mad and they said a manager would ring.” However, when no one called the farmer, he went back to the store and firmly told them to take down the sign. “I went in and said I’m not joking, take it down,” added Smyth. The sign was then adjusted and the "misleading" statement covered.

A spokesperson from Tesco said: “A sign was put up in our Padstow store in error. As soon as we discovered this, the sign was changed. We are a proud supporter of local suppliers and our dedicated local sourcing team works to ensure our customers can choose from the best local produce from the South West.”