Butcher boosts trade with pop-up shop

Derbyshire-based butcher John Mettrick is temporarily “popping-up” in the town centre of Stalybridge near Manchester.

According to Mettrick, who runs two butcher’s shops already, he is going to bring a pop-up shop to Stalybridge town centre, as residents currently have no local butcher’s shop of their own due to poor trading conditions.

The economic climate has meant investing in permanent premises would not be sensible, which is why Mettrick decided to run a temporary mobile shop. “We had been approached by a neighbouring authority because the town of Stalybridge lost its butcher’s and we had originally been doing farmers’ markets,” said Mettrick.

After testing the water and surveying his customers, the butcher discovered there was a need for a local butcher’s shop. However, from customer feedback Mettrick concluded it would only be used at weekends. He said: “We found out that they would shop on a Friday and a Saturday, so we got in touch with the town council partnership to see what we could come to an agreement on, and whether a pop-up shop would generate business. If it is successful we can then extend our presence.”

The pop-up shop is a mobile counter with a gazebo attached and will be used in exactly the same way as a normal stationary butcher’s shop.

Mettrick added: “It could be an idea going forward for all butchers to look around them in areas a reasonable distance from them. It could increase their income and provide a local butcher to people without one.”