Well-hung meat is key to taste

The amount of time beef and lamb meat is aged is key to better eating quality, according to red meat promotional body Eblex.

To help farmers and butchers make the most out of ageing meat, Eblex has produced a Maturation for Improved Beef and Lamb factsheet to provide practical information to those selling directly to the public. The sheet also highlights the pros and cons of different packaging techniques.

Eblex direct selling programme manager Michael Richardson explained how the factsheet had been prompted by the volume of requests he had received on the best ways to mature beef and lamb.

Richardson said: “Ageing of meat is widely used to enhance the tenderness and flavour of meat, but the key is to get the ageing time right. Our new factsheet is relevant to both farm shops and high street butchers. It provides practical information, helping them offer customers the very highest-quality produce while hopefully enhancing their business’ returns.”