Sausage producer sets sights on soup sector

A premium Yorkshire sausage producer is targeting the multi-million pound fresh soup sector with a range of premium soups inspired by its famous sausages.

Debbie & Andrew's hopes that by moving into the £109 million fresh soup category with its Fresh Chilled soup range, it will maximise its market potential.

"We have enjoyed a fantastic 60% year-on-year growth position in a difficult market and we are now looking to maximise our consumer loyalty and strong retail position," said Andrew Keeble.

"The soup launch is the first step in an ambitious strategy to jump the Debbie and Andrew's brand from the sausage aisle into the wider food category."

The soups, which were developed around the kitchen table by Debbie and Andrew Keeble, are based on the company's best-selling sausages and maintain the core company values of real people, real food, provenance and pure ingredients.

The launch will be backed up by strong brand support and 300 days of in-store sampling a year, in addition to the 400 days currently carried out at shows and events, with the aim to reach over 2 million consumers.

The soup has had strong interest from retailers, with at least one national listing in the pipeline.