QMS launches new Scottish lamb promotion

The roll-out of a new Scottish lamb campaign to build the success of a previous one aims to encourage customers to take pride in local produce.

According to Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), which is rolling out the campaign, the focus this time is on getting more people to buy local.

QMS has said the four-week campaign aims to reach 88.9% of the target market in Scotland through print advertising, as well as digital display panels on the Glasgow underground. A series of online and television adverts will also be used.

Marketing controller at QMS Suzie Carlaw said: “The ‘Buy Local’ campaign is aimed at encouraging consumers to buy Scotch Lamb when it’s at its most plentiful. Scotch Lamb stands out from its competitors because of its unique taste, plus the fact it’s a natural product, which is born and reared on farms in Scotland meeting the highest quality standards. Consumers have every reason to feel very proud of the product produced on their doorstep.”

Research commissioned by QMS showed that 85% of Scottish consumers already supported the Scotch Lamb brand and around 62% of Scots surveyed in October 2011 said Scotch Lamb was the best available. Seventy-four per cent of those asked also said that Scotch Lamb was produced to higher standards and 52% of those surveyed said they would pay more for Scotch Lamb.