Hall's workers devastated by closure announcement

The union representing workers at Hall’s of Broxburn said its members have been left “devastated” by the news of the plant’s closure.

Usdaw said that Vion had confirmed that some of the 1,700 workers would lose their jobs as early as the end of this month, with the site completely closed by February next year.

Usdaw deputy divisional officer Stewart Forrest said: “This is disastrous news for the workforce, for the local economy and for Scotland.

“We have done everything we can to try and find a workable solution to the siteʼs difficulties. There is still some hope that the site can be sold to an interested party and that some of the jobs may be saved. However, this remains some way off and it would be irresponsible to offer any guarantees at this stage. We would want to make sure that any buyer is a credible one and we will want assurances that our membersʼ terms and conditions are protected.

“Many workers have been at Hallʼs for years, with many families having different generations employed there. The huge workforce at Hallʼs means the impact of any closure will be felt way beyond the locality with firms supplying the site and those dependent on the spending power of the workforce
facing a bleak future.

“All credit to our reps on the site and the taskforce who have investigated every possible alternative to closure during the last three months.”

Forrest said that Usdaw would attend the next meeting of the taskforce on October 10 to discuss any developments, including the possibility of finding a new buyer for the plant.

“It will be a sad day for Scotland if the site does close and we would hope Vion can still, even at this late hour, ʻthink againʼ about its decision and the way forward for the site,” he said.