NFU and AIMS need to keep pressure up

The NFU and AIMS need to put put pressure on government to challenge inappropriate regulation that the industry has to contend with, NFU chief executive Meurig Raymond told delegates at last weekend’s AIMS conference. 

Underlining the greater cross-coordination that has developed between the farming body and the meat processing sector, Raymond said: “We all have a mutual interest to ensure a profitable, sustainable, competitive industry, which is attractive to invest in for the future, and I hope that good-sense regulation will play a role in this.”

He said that regulation helped to curb the fluctuations in the marketplace, as well as provide consumer confidence, and could improve the situation of small processors, as long as it was not excessive. But he added that it was essential that farm-to-fork regulation remained appropriate.

He said there was great scope to be had in rolling back the BSE controls and that the NFU believed TSE controls in sheep should follow.

He spoke about CAP reform and the importance of maintaining a strong, pragmatic voice in Brussels to secure changes, with a strong market focus which did not reduce productivity. He identified key challenges from article 14 flexibility, which could lead to distortion across member states, and greening changes that may well lead to changes in land management.