Eblex report rise in lamb sales

Lamb has seen a surge of interest from British consumers, according to Eblex.

Latest figures from Eblex showed that in the 12 weeks to 2 September, the volume of lamb sold in the UK rose by 14% to 15,656 tonnes (t) year-on-year (yoy). Figures also showed that £131m was being spent on lamb, which was up 6% on the year. Also, in the four-week period to 2 September volume sales increased by 2% and stood at 4,753t.

According to Eblex the 12 week yoy increase came amid a fall in the average retail price of lamb for the same period of 7% to £8.35/kg.

Head of trade marketing for Eblex Mike Whitemore said: “Volume lamb sales have been doing well since April, driven largely by greater supply. While we have seen a fall in the retail price, the popularity of the product when widely available demonstrates that consumers do see lamb as a versatile meat that represents value for money.”

Eblex has been focusing on lamb in a recent marketing push aimed at getting it back on the menu in the foodservice.