New NFU chief stresses importance of sector

The new director general of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has stressed the importance of agriculture to the economy and stated his intention to focus on championing issues that affect the businesses of farmers.

Andy Robertson, who has worked as chief executive of NFU Scotland and for the Scottish Executive as Scotland’s chief agricultural officer, is returning to the farming sector after working as assistant director at East Sussex County Council. He takes over from Kevin Roberts.

Robertson said: “A thriving agricultural sector is important – not just to the rural economy, but to the country as a whole. The NFU exists for its members and my focus will be very much on addressing the issues facing them and their businesses, wherever they are in England and Wales.

“I will be out and about over the coming weeks and I look forward to meeting members and staff and hearing about these issues first-hand.”

He said he was hugely impressed by the knowledge and experience among both NFU members and staff, and this gave him great confidence about the NFU’s ability to represent the industry into the future.