Simply Sausages given a make-over

A pork sausage brand that was originally launched in 1991 has been reinvigorated and brought back to its former glory.

Simply Sausages, which were first created by sausage guru and executive chef Martin Heap, have been given a new sophisticated identity to recapture the brand’s uniqueness and heritage

The new packaging design was inspired by the shop the brand was fathered in more than 20 years ago. Each of the six gourmet sausages in the packs, which retail at £2.79 (400g) in selected Waitrose stores, are linked and formed into a traditional butcher’s hand and placed over an in-pack hook to evoke nostalgia.

The manufacture of the brand is carried out by the meat processing company Cranswick and marketing controller Nick Harris said: “There is a rich story about real food and a real person here that we wanted to bring to life through an engaging brand and a way of talking to sausage enthusiasts. Customers are looking for more from the category, and Martin’s passion and imagination allows us to work with inventive flavours in a culture of quality to deliver this at a time when people are showing a greater interest in the skill and craft that goes into great food.”