Vion rejects two Hall's offers

Hopes that the Hall’s of Broxburn site might be saved were dashed today when Vion announced it had rejected two sale offers.

The last hope of salvation for the West Lothian meat processing site and its 1,700 employees was resting on one of the offers being accepted on Friday last week (12 October).

However, Vion UK chairman Pete Barr explained that after considering the offers over the weekend, the company had decided they were not viable. He said: “As we announced last week, the company received two offers for the Hall’s of Broxburn site prior to Friday’s deadline.
“Regrettably, having reviewed both offers over the weekend we have been forced to conclude that neither of these proposals constitutes a viable and sustainable alternative to the proposed closure of the plant.
“In neither instance were we assured that either offer provided a guarantee of ongoing employment for the workforce, in spite of the fact that Vion was prepared to offer substantial financial assistance to support the acquisition.”

Barr said it was a sad day for the company, but that the plant continued to suffer unsustainable losses of £79,000 a day, which meant Vion had decided to proceed with plans for a phased closure. 

Some areas of the plant will cease production at the end of this month and a full closure is expected to take place by February next year. Barr said detailed discussions had already taken place with employees at the site as well as union representatives.

Barr said: “We would again like to record our appreciation of the efforts which the Scottish Government and the Task Force have made to support us over the last three months during the consultation process.”

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