Scotch Pie Champion 2011 talks of winning the crust

Last year’s Scotch Pie Club’s World Scotch Pie Champion has given an insight into what winning the prestigious award can do for a butcher’s business.

The deadline to enter this year’s competition is getting closer — entry forms are due in by 19 November — so last year’s winner Maurice Irvine of Irvine’s has stepped in to make sure butchers and bakers know what they will be missing if they don’t enter.

Aside from an increase in footfall and interest in the entire stock range of the shop, Irvine said the best moment by far for him was the “head teacher moment”, adding: “You know when your old teacher comes up to you and says they are really proud of what you have achieved? That’s what winning this competition meant to us at Irvine’s. There is a huge sense of pride – to have been judged by your peers to be the best is incredible. We love what we do here and you cannot buy the pat on the back this win gave us.”

It’s not only about pies this year as bakers and butchers will be invited to enter their sausage rolls, bridies and speciality savouries.

Competition organisers said it was the perfect opportunity to become recognised as the producer of the highest-quality savoury products around the world. There are also more opportunities to gain such a title, as there are awards in each of the categories. The winner of the Scotch Pie category, however, will be declared as the World Champion.

Competition founder Alan Stuart said: “The World Scotch Pie Championships truly are a benchmark.  We have a huge number of hard-working butchers and bakers who deserve recognition for delivering great products day in and day out. I am looking forward to sampling for myself some of the best products on the market today and to seeing who the judges pick out as having produced something that I know will be world-class.”

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