Venison company extends sales across Tesco

Venison specialist Highland Game has extended its Chef’s selection range and launched into a number of Tesco stores in England, following the success of the products north of the border.

The game company created the range of easy-to-cook chef’s selection venison products exclusively for Tesco and launched a range of grill steaks, burgers, sausages and meatballs in Scottish Tesco stores in April. The range will now be available in England, and the company has introduced three new products. These include diced venison marinated in a red wine, rosemary & thyme marinade, venison steaks with a whisky jus, and an award-winning Venison Loin, which will only be available in Scottish stores.

The range forms part of the company’s strategy to increase the availability of venison while the ready-to-cook format is designed to make it more accessible to consumers.

In September the company relaunched its seasonal diced venison into Morrisons stores nationwide and also won a listing at Costco to supply its award-winning larder-trimmed fillet of venison, in addition to diced venison in large 1/5kg catering bags.

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