Frozen food sales soar towards £5bn

The latest information from TNS Worldpanel shows that the retail frozen food market is now worth £4.8 billion, with the market showing 5.8% year on year growth as at 30 November 2008.

The market has now enjoyed 10 consecutive quarters of accelerating growth.

Ready meals now continues to grow in value increasing to 3.4% year on year, whilst only a year ago the sector was in decline by 3.8%, whilst the pizza sector has made significant growth at 6.3%.

Brian Young, BFFF director general said:,"Consumers are turning to frozen in vast numbers attracted by the locked in nutrients, minimal waste and terrific value."

The industry has recently launched a new consumer website THENEWICEAGE.COM, funded by retailers and manufacturers to educate consumers on the benefits that this vibrant sector can bring to hard pressed busy mums.

Young fully expects 2009 to show even more growth and the market to surge over £5 billion.