Bpex offers pig industry introduction

Bpex has added an introductory video to the pig industry on its website. The video, Bpex said, gives a complete grounding in everything from artificial insemination through to different production systems and the finishing and marketing groups.

According to Bpex, the aim of the video is to show how broad the industry is, so that anybody thinking of entering the meat industry can understand how it works. Bpex head of communications Andrew Knowles said: “This is a one-stop shop for people who want to know about the industry.

“Many organisations will have new starters who will be closely involved with the pig industry, but may not have much background knowledge of how it all works. As well as being available as a DVD, it is now on the Bpex website, so people can dip in and out of it as needed.”

Knowles also explained that the video would be “great value” to civil servants and retailers who need an understanding of the industry, as well as those in the pig business.

The video can be viewed online at www.bpex.org.uk/news/photo-library/.