Butcher fined £6k for hygiene breaches

A Suffolk butcher has been fined a total of almost 6,000 after environmental health officers discovered putrid meat on the premises.

Allen Beamish, of the Triangle Butchery, Lowestoft, admitted breaching the food hygiene regulations when he appeared before Lowestoft magistrates. The court heard that during a first visit in October a quantity of pork meat covered in mould that was attracting flies was removed.

In December on a second visit local environmental halth officer Tony Burgess gave evidence that more putrid meat was found.He told the court: "On a close examination of this meat, I was acutely aware of a foul smell that I would associate with spoilage and putrefaction. Many surfaces of the meat had visible bacterial colony growths on them. Some of the meat was covered with yellow slime so thick I could scrape it off with my fingers."

In mitigation Beamish said the incidents were a one off due to personal circumstances and an injury at the time to his arm.

But fining him District Judge David Cooper said: "I have to say that you really let yourself down. You are a qualified man and the premises were really in quite a state. But this is your first time in court and I believe it will be your last."

Beamish was fined 2,500 and ordered to pay 3,400 in costs.