Glendale scoops contract for Continental cooked meats

Manchester cooked meal specialist Glendale Foods has secured an exclusive deal to distribute cooked and smoked continental sausages from the German Salami Company.

The company said that the agreement would enable it to supply fresh and frozen salami, pepperoni, chorizo, kabanos, frankfurters and garlic sausages to foodservice customers and ready-meal manufacturers, in addition to its existing British manufactured cooked and raw sausages.

It added that German salami products were safer than some other imported products, because they were produced on a fully automated line and cooked and smoked using a process that involves heating them beyond beyond 75įC, which reduces the risk of bacteria. This also allows for fat content to be reduced to 16% and salt content to be lowered to 1.5%, compared to the standard 4%.

The products are prepared using prime quality pork and beef blended with herbs and spices, before being filled into German casings, with skinless also available. They can be supplied sliced or diced, as well as in coins and logs, with fresh products having a minimum of 28 daysí shelf-life.

Specialist flavours on offer include Irish whiskey, parmesan-crusted, peppered, apple and chilli salamis.