West Sussex identifies kebab mislabelling

An investigation into food labelling by West Sussex Trading Standards Services has revealed that some kebab houses in the county are mislabelling their lamb or doner kebabs.

According to the investigating officers, who have been examining the descriptions being applied to kebabs at sellers across the area, eight out of 10 descriptions were wrong.

It was discovered that, although many “lamb” kebabs were mostly made from lamb, they also contained “significant amounts of poultry, beef and veal”. Officers said about a quarter of the 38 outlets were selling lamb mixed with other meats.

Information from Trading Standards states that, if you buy a “lamb” kebab or a “doner” kebab, the meat used in it should be lamb, “unless the description tells you otherwise”.

However, the majority of the problems identified were due to the proprietors not understanding the rules, rather than deliberately trying to deceive the public, West Sussex Trading Standards said. “For this reason the sellers were given a warning and a chance to put matters right before being re-visited,” it added.

Trading Standards have also said that a large proportion of sellers in the area have been visited and Trading Standards officers have been working with them to be sure they understand the requirements of the law, as well as sell products that are described correctly.

County council cabinet member for public protection Christine Field said: “We want to remind traders that misdescribing food is a serious matter. What goes on sale for the public to eat has to be what has been described.”