Online beef and lamb reports mark modern era

International online reports for the major beef and sheep meat producing, consuming and trading nations have been launched as a replacement for the biannual International Meat Market Review, published by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

The online country reports launched by beef and lamb levy body Eblex, a division of AHDB, provide information about beef cattle and sheep populations, slaughtering and production and trade in beef and sheep products, as well as live animals.

The report also includes producer beef and sheep meat prices and outlines the scope for production in countries such as US, New Zealand, Australia and France.

Debbie Butcher, senior analyst at Eblex/AHDB, stated: “The country reports effectively bring the International Meat Market Review into the modern era, providing the same valuable market information but in a more timely and accessible way via the Eblex website.
“They will help levy payers make informed business decisions by providing quick and up-to-date information on production, consumption and livestock numbers in each market. In addition, they will feature the outlook for the year ahead for each country covered,” she added.

The country reports can be found in the market information section of www.eblex.org.uk.