Food expert to address future at industry conference

One of the UK’s leading authority’s on the food sector will address a Cheshire-based ‘Future of Food’ industry conference on the responsibilities of food manufacturers in the wake of the horse burger scandal.

Dr Corrinna Hawkes, of City University London, has been using her work from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Food Policy Research Institute to shape UK food policy and will be addressing the conference.

It will also be Dr Hawkes’ prerogative to address the conference on the changes the industry will need to make over the next 10 years in order to maintain the health and confidence of the public.

The conference has attracted leading figures from Britain’s food sector, including chief operating officer Chris Dee from the independent supermarket chain Booths, which works with small producers. Justine Fosh, chief executive of The National Skills Academy for Food and Drink and Improve, will also be speaking at the conference.  

Other topics to be discussed at the event include how small producers can grow their business; the future of corporate food; and the challenges of health, food security and sustainability in the industry.

The conference will be hosted by Food Cheshire on 14 March and will take place at Reaseheath College and Rookery Hall Hotel.

Chairman of Food Cheshire David Pickering said: “Those attending the conference will come away with a clear vision of the challenges facing the industry, how they can help meet those challenges and capitalising on the opportunities that these bring.

“Dr Corrinna Hawkes is the UK’s leading authority on food and its relationship with non-communicable diseases, the health of a nation and the responsibilities of food manufacturers.”

According to Pickering, Hawkes’ opinion is a key decision-maker in the industry, which is helping to shape food policy.

He added: “No food business can afford to miss hearing her views on where food will be heading over the next five to 10 years.”