Scottish TV presenter meets with sheep farmers

Well-known Scottish television weather presenter Cat Cubie has made time to meet with sheep farmers to hear first-hand the challenges they have faced as a result of the exceptionally wet conditions.

Cubie, who is Glasgow-based, donned wellingtons to spend an afternoon working with the Aberfeldy hill farmer Martin Kennedy as part of Quality Meat Scotland’s (QMS’) Scotch Lamb campaign.

Kennedy and his wife run a 1,700-acre farm as tenants of an estate, where they handle between 600 ewes and 35 suckler cows.

Of the recent devastating weather, Kennedy said: “The amount of rain has been horrendous. I’ve been recording the rainfall here for 12 years and the 2011 and 2012 rainfall tallies up to nearly 100 inches.

“The wet conditions have hit the quality of our silage and our fields are suffering from the cumulative effects of such relentless rainfall. We are a month late with marketing our lambs and the price we’re getting is £20/head back on average across the 650 lambs we sell.”

Cubie, who is best known for presenting the weather on BBC Scotland as well as the Euromillions Lottery on BBC1, will be working with QMS and meeting some of the country’s top butchers and chefs to learn more about the industry.

Of the activities, QMS head of communications Carol McLaren said: “Scottish farmers have spent years listening intently to Cat forecasting the weather and it’s great that she’s keen to get a better understanding of our industry, including how much the weather can affect the job our farmers do.

“Scots eat only half of the UK average consumption of sheepmeat and we’re keen to encourage more young consumers like Cat take the opportunity to discover this great natural product produced right on our doorstep.”