Horsemeat scandal prompts leap in sales at Morrisons’ counters

Contrary to reports of the store finding horsemeat in branded salami products, which it did not, Morrisons has reported positive sales of meat.

A spokesman for Morrisons told MeatInfo.co.uk that some branded salami products were removed from the shelves as a precaution, however, they tested negative for horsemeat.

The chain has reported a jump in sales of 18% at its fresh meat counters since the horsemeat scandal reared its head.

The chain has around 1,700 butchers working across its 500 in-store butchers’ counters. According to the butchers, they have seen a large rise in the number of customers seeking advice from them in store.

Accordingly, overall fresh meat counter sales are up by 18%, while the chain has seen sales of fresh beef burgers rise by a whopping 50%. Sales of beef mince have increased by 21%, pork sales have risen by 124% and lamb has seen a more modest, but healthy, rise of 15%.

Morrisons owns its own farm and said it was close to its own supply chain and production line. “This means Morrisons can ensure full traceability of its fresh meat offer, something the supermarket not only sets major store by, but also believes sets it apart from its supermarket competitors,” it said.

Company CEO Dalton Philips said: “Shoppers who are concerned by the recent crisis should buy fresh meat supplies from a trained butcher. We encourage all customers to talk to the butcher about where their animals are sourced from. Buying from reputable, skilled butchers should give shoppers reassurance and greater confidence in meat products.”