Which? survey gives Tesco low rating

Tesco came last in a recent Which? supermarket survey, closely behind The Co-operative.

The survey, released yesterday by the consumer advisory group Which?, revealed that their members gave Tesco an "overall less glowing appraisal". According to the organisation, the supermarket chain was rated "poorly" in most areas, including pricing, fresh produce quality and customer service.

It was also stated that several of those among the 11,000 Which? members surveyed found the experience of shopping in Tesco, which scored 45%, "unpleasant". One member said: "Its stores tend to have surly staff and are littered with boxes." Adding insult to injury, Which? said Tesco was the supermarket considered to care least about its customers, as well as being the least trustworthy.

On the other hand, Waitrose topped the survey, with a staggering customer service score of 82% as well as a five-star rating for its customer service and quality of its fresh produce. Also, 91% of those surveyed said they believed Waitrose cared most about its customers and 90% thought it was a trustworthy supermarket.

Aldi came in at second with a score of 74% and Lidl third with a score of 69%.

Supermarket rating according to Which? members:

  • Waitrose 82%
  • Aldi 74%
  • Lidl 69%
  • Marks & Spencer 68%
  • Morrisons 59%
  • Sainsbury’s 58%
  • Asda 53%
  • The Co-operative 48%
  • Tesco 45%