Free promotional material for Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week

Free campaign material will be available to butchers and farm shops in the run-up to Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week, taking place on 18-24 March.

The promotional material is aimed at raising awareness for the week, and products include large posters, door vinyls and recipe books.

Meal ideas are also being offered to encourage customers to enjoy bacon in new ways from ‘Bacon, Gruyère and Mushroom Melt’ to ‘Bombay Bacon Curry’ and ‘No-bake Bacon Lasagne’.

There is a ‘Butcher’s Guide to Bacon Week’ available, aimed at promoting and driving bacon sales, as well as generating positive PR for the week. Additionally, fact sheets can be used to spread messages across social media.

Bpex butchery and product development manager Keith Fisher said: "Bacon is consistently one of our top-rated foods and, with quality in the spotlight, Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week is an ideal opportunity to shout about your great bacon and the assured supply chains that help deliver it to customers’ plates.

"The eye-catching promotional material should be invaluable, whether you’re holding an in-store event or simply just showcasing the quality bacon on offer and the many different ways it can be enjoyed. It would be a shame to miss out, so if you haven’t already, order some while stocks last."

To order the free material, go to: www.bpexrequests.co.uk or via email to baconenquiries@bpex.ahdb.org.uk, while stocks last, or downloaded from http://porkforbutchers.bpex.org.uk