Pork contamination in halal food results in legal moves

Legal claims are being made against the government, as a result of pork DNA-contaminated halal food destined for Muslim prisoners in England and Wales.

It was confirmed in Parliament yesterday by Justice Minister Jeremy Wright, who told MPs that a "small number" of claims had been filed. He added that the claims would be defended where appropriate.

Wright said: "The Ministry of Justice has received a small number of civil litigation claims following the discovery of contaminated halal food. Each claim will be considered on its merits and robustly defended where appropriate."

The news has come following Lancashire County Councilís suspension of all frozen and processed beef product supplies to schools earlier in the week, after tests found traces of horse DNA in processed beef products. Horsemeat had also been found in halal beef burgers, despite manufacturers assuring the council that the products did not contain horsemeat.