Butcher has haggis money to Burn

A young award-winning Northern Irish butcher is winning plaudits again but this time for his haggis recipe from his shop in south west Scotland.

Alan Elliott, 24, of Dalbeattie Fine Foods, winner of Young Butcher of the Year in the Butcher's Shop of the Year Awards 2008, has said he has seen orders of his Champion Haggis soar in the run up to Burns' Night on 25 January.

Alan said: "The haggis is an iconic Scottish dish and I felt it was very important to remain true to the origins of the haggis when creating my own recipe."

What makes Alan's achievements even more outstanding is that he did not even know what a haggis was until he took over the butcher shop in Dumfries and Galloway fives years ago.

"Burns night has always been a busy time for haggis sales but this month the level of interest has been truly staggering. We are delighted that so many people are enjoying this versatile and tasty traditional dish," added Alan.

Alan has redefined the haggis by taking it back to its roots, rediscovering the seasoning, the quality ingredients and the methods that made it one of Scotland's most cherished dishes. His Champion Haggis recipe has won fans across the UK, and it is available direct from Dalbeattie Fine Foods in-store and on-line, and from selected butchers in Northern Ireland and Scotland.