Horsemeat: Welsh plant to reopen following horsemeat affair

The Welsh meat plant forced to close in the midst of the horsemeat issue has been given permission to reopen.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has given Farmbox Meats, based near Aberystwyth, conditional approval to start operations again, following suspension in February.

Approval was taken away as part of an inquiry into the alleged mislabelling of meat products and a decision to allow full operational approval will take place on 5 April.

The FSA said it had decided to lift the suspension of the approval of the cutting plant, “which means it will once again be allowed to operate under conditional approval.

“The FSA has required the establishment to provide guarantees before allowing it to operate again and has also informed the business that it will not hesitate to withdraw its approval if there is sufficient evidence that there is non-compliance with all requirements placed on food business operators,” it continued.