Bacon award winners announced

The winners of the Great Bacon Revolution Awards announced on Monday (18 March) included Cranswick Gourmet Bacon, Cheerbrook Quality Farm Food, Midland Bacon and Denhay Farms.

In the supermarket sector, Cranswick Gourmet Bacon won for its Morrisons unsmoked old-fashioned bacon.

Cranswick category manager Fiona Jones said: "Dry-cured bacon is definitely back in fashion. We use traditional methods, including hand-curing and air-drying, and this, combined with quality ingredients, sets us apart. The award is fantastic recognition for our NPD team."

The independent butcher sector saw Cheerbrook Quality Farm Food take home the winning prize with its traditional dry-cured back bacon.

Owner of Cheerbrook Quality Farm Food Andrew Shufflebotham said: "This award is testament to our butchers and their attention to detail. We mostly produce smoked bacon, but have been spurred into curing our own and, thanks to this award, will continue to do so. We sell a lot of bacon, both individually and used within other products, which means every week is like Bacon Week for us."

In the foodservice supplier sector, Midland Bacon won for its Wiltshire-cured back bacon, flavoured with sweet chilli.

Development director of Midland Bacon Steve Hind claimed: "We know sweet chilli is a popular flavour with diners and decided to match it to our quality bacon to prove that it isn’t just for breakfast. The combination works incredibly well – as the awards testify – and as we process the whole back, this bacon can be cut into steaks or rashers, making it ideal for brunch, lunch or an evening meal."

Denhay Farms won the brand sector with its dry-cured smoked back bacon. Denhay Farms marketing manager Ellen Streatfield commented: "We’re incredibly passionate about our bacon, so were thrilled to receive the Bacon Revolution Award. We’ve been making this bacon for a number of years, but its popularity has grown recently, as it is a great all-rounder. Our customers can also be assured that it comes from British, outdoor-bred pork and is ‘Freedom Food’ accredited."

The awards marked the beginning of Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week (BCW) which started on Monday (18 March) and focuses on quality-assured bacon.

Ambassador for BCW, actress and food author Fay Ripley, said: "I love cooking with bacon as it is such a versatile ingredient; it is far more than a breakfast favourite. There is such a choice when it comes to picking great bacon, whether you shop at your local butcher’s or at the supermarket – something these awards really prove."