Rise in pig pleurisy production costs

Pleurisy in pigs has been shown to cost producers around 75p per affected pig in processing costs, according to a new report by Bpex.

The report estimated that production losses could rise to £3.72 per pig for a batch where 10% of the pigs have pleurisy.

The illness causes breathing difficulties and lowers pigs’ daily liveweight. The value to both farmer and abattoir is lowered as a result, as the affected pig carcase has to be trimmed.

According to Bpex, the disease is the second most common reason for condemnation of pigs at abattoirs and affects over 12% of pigs and 68% of English herds.

Contributing factors to pleurisy could include high humidity, poor ventilation, overstocking, stress, etc.

Bpex claims this "worrying trend" has been discovered in the Bpex Pig Health Scheme and Collection and Communication of Inspection Results reports.