Drovers Beef-backed boxer triumphs

A meat-industry-sponsored featherweight boxer triumphed in his fight last weekend in Leeds.

Josh Worrington was sponsored by the Drovers Beef brand, which is marketed by one of the UK’s leading food trade suppliers, Dalziel, in a joint venture with Dunbia Kilbeggan

Dalziel sales director David Whyatt explained that the brand has been successful since its launch in March last year and is marketed through the company’s six meat depots across the UK. He said: "The promotion of Dalziel and Dunbia’s premium brand of beef, Drovers, was excellent and both companies would certainly consider doing a similar event.

"From all of the bad publicity that beef has received lately, this is a positive. Josh is a home-town boy from Leeds and this is the first time he has defended his title."