Pig & Poultry organises welfare debate

Pig & Poultry Live will organise a debate on welfare in Warwickshire in mid-May, as a response to the issue which was prioritised at last year’s show.

The event, hosted by the Royal Agricultural Society of England in partnership with ABN, will be titled ‘Welfare; science or perception, what’s our future?’ and will feature leading industry figures in agriculture, retail and animal health and welfare.

Speakers include National Farmers’ Union president Peter Kendall and representatives from Kantar Worldpanel, the European Commission, RSPCA, Morrisons and Newcastle University.

ABN technical development and assurance director Angela Booth explained: "Welfare is on the agenda for the farmer, the consumer and the politician.

"Often, there is tension between what consumers say they want and what producers think will actually benefit their livestock’s welfare. Finding the correct balance in this debate with so many dimensions and perspectives is crucial for our industry," she added.

The event will be held on 15 May at Stoneleigh Park, with the issues raised having been voted for by the industry.