Animal Welfare Foundation discussion forum

The annual Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) discussion forum plans to expand to a larger venue in London for its 30th anniversary in May.

The discussion, held on 13 May, will focus on the changing role of vets in animal welfare policy and practice.

Among the topics to be discussed are food assurance schemes, laboratory animals, the vet’s role in recognising the link between abuse in animals and humans, and the responsibility for animals’ welfare when the owner can no longer look after them.

Chairman of AWF, Tiffany Hemming, claimed moving the forum to One Great George Street for this year’s event was a result of it being "oversubscribed" and needing a larger venue.

She added: "In AWF’s 30th anniversary year we celebrate the genuine improvements in animal health and welfare that have been achieved as a result of the research our small charity has funded, and the excellent discussion forums that have initiated welfare policies."

Vets, animal welfare and government organisations have been brought together to discuss the topics at the debate hosted by the AWF, which is a charity formed by members of the British Veterinary Association in 1983.