Eblex holds cooking demo in Spain

Eblex has been in Madrid to hold live butchery and cooking demonstrations at Salon De Gourmets, in a bid to attract Spanish consumers to UK-reared lamb.

The demand in Spain has traditionally been light, grain-fed lambs. However, recent research carried out by Eblex proved no clear preference among Spanish consumers, which means the event has more chance of succeeding.

Eblex assistant marketing manager Susana Morris said: "Coming from Spain myself, I know how Spanish consumers traditionally think and was expecting some resistance to our product.

"However, we are using a Spanish butcher and chef on our stand, and they are doing a great job of telling visitors about Quality Standard lamb and encouraging them to try it for themselves. People have been queueing up to sample out lamb and their reactions have been resoundingly positive."

Morris claimed there was space in the market for both types, and that Eblex was not trying to compete with the Spanish product, as the two are very different.

Eblex has been involved in a project with three Spanish butchers visiting the UK, which ultimately led to the event.

Beef has been a major export to Spain, but Spanish sheep meat has fallen by almost a third since 2000.