Bpex launches quiz for pig producers

Bpex has launched an interactive quiz on sow condition scoring on its website, with a focus on breeding herd topics to improve knowledge among producers.

The topics are part of the Breed +3 initiative, which is aimed at helping each herd wean three extra pigs per sow year and manage production costs.

The quizzes have been linked to the Pig Industry Professional Register (PIPR) and have recently been revamped to become more user-friendly.

New quizzes will appear every other month, in a bid to test producers’ knowledge and help them identify possible gaps in the understanding of the industry.

Bpex technology coordinator Miriam Drewett said: "We’ve developed the interactive quizzes as a new training tool for pig producers. It’s a simple way to learn more about practical pig topics, which doesn’t take too long and is hopefully a bit of fun at the same time."

The members will be awarded three points for each quiz completed, but only the first six quizzes will quality for PIPR points.

The quizzes can be found here: www.bpex.org.uk/quizzes