Eblex workshops puts spotlight on lamb production

The Eblex workshops in April and May will focus on profitable lamb production, benchmarking physical performance and costing.

Independent consultant Lesley Stubbings will lead the events, which will be looking at advanced technical skills in livestock.

Eblex’s north-east regional manager Steve Dunkley said: "Successfully bidding for the Advanced Technical in Livestock contract has given us the opportunity to add a further tier to our popular events programme for beef and sheep producers.

"These workshops, which are pitched at the same level as our BRP+ resources, will give producers the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on a range of technical subjects, including sheep costings and flock output, soils and grassland management, and cattle handling systems," he added.

The workshops will take current flock data as a starting point and will be tailored to suit the requirements of the delegates, as each workshop is limited to nine people.

Stubbings said: "Although we have seen some improvement in farmgate prices over recent weeks, the economic climate is still tough for sheep producers, and producing as efficiently as possible should be a priority."

He further claimed that the workshops will provide producers with the tools to understand how to analyse comprehensive data to improver efficiency.