Lochhead on FSA Scotland

Meat inspection was one of the biggest issues for the Food Standards Agency UK, according to secretary for rural affairs and environment Richard Lochhead.

The secretary was speaking to the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers (SAMW) last weekend about the transfer of meat inspection delivery in Scotland to Charles Milne – director of FSA Scotland. He highlighted the opportunities available to the industry by having its own food standards body, the creation of which was announced at the end of June last year. 

According to Lochhead he was "delighted" to secure the transfer and has said a more effective service had further enhanced the country’s meat industry and strengthened its "reputation for quality and hygiene".

Meanwhile, Milne said that FSA Scotland was now working towards gaining mutual respect between it and the industry. "All parts need to show respect", he added. Milne also explained that, after the outbreak of the horsemeat scandal, FSA Scotland asked to visit all meat processing plants producing beef in the country. "We gained assurance from those visits, that there were no links [to the horsemeat scandal] and the assurances were robust - no processors in Scotland were implicated in the horsemeat scandal," he said.

Of the industry as a whole and FSA Scotland’s progression, Milne said: "There’s a huge amount of challenge out there and I know many people say that, ‘where there’s challenge, there’s opportunity’, and in this case, there is."