Malcolm Pyne continues collaboration with French butcher

French butcher Frédéric Bilheux has recently finished a working holiday in Malcolm Pyne’s shop in North Petherton in a successful collaboration to exchange techniques.

The visit is a result of a collaboration between the two shops and, last year, Pyne’s employee Anton Matthews travelled to Bilheux’s shop to develop new techniques and skills.

Pyne, who was named best butcher in the country earlier this year, said: “I know Anton’s dead keen to go back because there’s so much to be learned about butchery on the other side of the Channel. They use all kinds of different techniques over there and there are a lot of useful skills to be picked up as well.”

Bilheux claimed he had a “great time” learning from the English butcher and said: “I only sell meat but there’s everything here as well, from fish and bread to cider and vegetables. Places like this just don’t exist in France – unless you count supermarkets.”

The arrangement between the two shops is set to continue.