Eblex presents Steak Bar and Chop House range

Eblex launched its new Steak Bar and Chop House range at an event held at the Tower of London last week, where guests were presented with the new range following a tour of the Crown Jewels.

These two new initiatives are the first of five new developments featuring Quality Standard beef and lamb, and will aim to help retailers and foodservice operators widen their product portfolio.

The newly launched Steak Bar was introduced to the retail sector last year, and now includes fresh additions of new beef and lamb steaks.

The remaining three development initiatives include the Gourmet Burger, The Carvery and Discover Lamb which are all aimed at bringing new and added-value Quality Standard Mark products to the market.

Morrisons meat and fish project manager Paul Robinson was among the speakers at the event. He said: “Since introducing Steak Bar into our ‘Market Street’ in-store butchery department, we have seen an increase in the sale of thicker steak cuts, with customers trading up and purchasing prime steaks as opposed to standard cuts.”

Morrisons has also focused on providing customers with recipe suggestions and cooking tips, and Robinson further explained that it had led to an increase in turnover, with customers being satisfied with the new products.

National Q Guild of Butchers chairman Brindon Addy delivered an energetic presentation of his own business and said the new Steak Bar range had made a huge difference. “It has created a real point of difference, making my shop stand out from my competitors,” he explained.

Addy further added that the new range had provided an increased turnover of £12.5k per annum.

Eblex head of trade marketing Mike Whittemore explained the new range had been inspired ideas from the US. “The beauty of our product development initiatives is that they can be completely tailored for each individual business,” he said.

Due to the recent contamination scandal, Whittemore added that traceability is key for its Quality Standard Mark scheme, and told guests that Eblex was looking to introduce random DNA testing under the scheme.