Food executives undertake Kenyan charity dig

Female executives from the UK food industry travelled to Kenya as part of the Dig for Good project, where they successfully dug a fish pond the size of a swimming pool alongside local Kenyan women.

The three-day trip involved working with a women’s group in Kenya and was part of charity Farm Africa’s Food for Good initiative, which brings together the food and hospitality industry to help tackle hunger in Africa.

“The dig went absolutely fantastically,” said head of communications at Farm Africa Victoria Rae. “We dug shoulder-to-shoulder with determined and excited local Kenyan women. It was demanding and intense, with a blazing sun, and we dug from 7am to 3-4pm. Altogether we dug an area of 300m2, which is the size of a swimming pool. We had some challenges and setbacks, including a very violent storm that resulted in an awful lot of mud up to our knees, but we managed it and it was great.”

After completing the pond, there is still a bit of work left for the Kenyan women who will benefit from the collaboration.

“Next steps are to drain off the water, apply lime and fill the pond with water. After seven days the women will fill the pond with 1,500 fingerlings so that a week after that the pond will be stocked and ready for the fingerlings to grow into healthy tilapia fish,” said Rae.

Sponsors for Food for Good include retailers such as Sainsbury’s, The Co-operative, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Tesco.