McDonald’s aims for greater transparency

McDonald’s will open its supply chain and manufacturing processes in response to consumers’ interest in where their food comes from.

In an announcement made on Friday, the global fast food chain said it had launched a search for ‘Quality Scouts’ and members of the public to go behind the scenes to report back on how some of the company’s most “famous” products are made.

Vice-president of supply chain at McDonald’s Warren Anderson said: “Every day, people ask us questions about our food and our ingredients, so we’re inviting members of the public to see for themselves what’s in some of our most popular products and follow the journey from farm to restaurant.”

The Quality Scouts will compile reports on the supply chain, which will be published on a special website later in the year. According to the company, the project is building on the success of previous behind-the-scenes visits, but will offer more transparency.

McDonald’s said a recent poll of 2,000 consumers carried out by Populus, revealed a desire to know more about where food comes from, which was now more important to adults. Survey results also showed that 81% of those questioned said it was important for ingredients to be traceable to the farm, while more than half considered how food was produced when deciding what to buy.  

Anderson added: “We’re extremely proud of our longstanding British supply chain and the quality standards we have in place, but we know there is a lot of curiosity about our food. We’re looking forward to giving the Quality Scouts unique access behind the scenes, letting them uncover the facts, and sharing their report.”

Quality Scouts

As part of its Quality Scouts recruitment drive, McDonald’s snagged England rugby legend and 2011 Celebrity MasterChef winner Phil Vickery. He said; “As the son of a dairy farmer I’ve always been very aware of where the food I eat has come from, so I’m excited to be leading the McDonald’s Quality Scouts on their mission to discover more about some of Britain’s best-loved products.

“I know McDonald’s is a big supporter of British and Irish farmers, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about how it sources its menu ingredients and prepares its food.”