Kelly offers tips to industry
Published:  02 February, 2009

A well-known Essex turkey producer has told farmers to concentrate on selling produce at the farmgate to help ride out the recession.

Paul Kelly, managing director of Farmgate Hatcheries, has written to turkey farmers about the growth area of selling directly to the local community.

Kelly said: "It ticks all the right boxes for consumers' needs. While we are in a recession and going through tough times, collecting the turkey from the farm and meeting the farmer has tremendous perceived value.

"Get close to them and produce what you know you can sell. Don't rely on maybe selling turkeys at the last minute to fellow producers."

Kelly, who is the Guinness World Record holder for plucking turkeys, added that food companies are well placed in a recession because people save money by cutting back on expensive cars and holidays, but still treat themselves to luxury food items.

He also recommended that producers save costs by buying one third of an order as as-hatched poults rather than sexed hens to provide a spread of finished weights to supply most order books.