Farm-assured beef stock give higher returns

Farm-assured beef cattle is proving positive for producers and, last year, it generated an average of over 9p per kilo more than non-assured stock.

Eblex has undertaken a study, which further stated that farm-assured lamb returns were 3-5p higher.

Eblex regional project manager Liz Ford said: “The data shows there are consistently higher prices, which farmers can realise by ensuring the beef cattle and sheep they raise for sale are farm-assured.

“Farm-assured stock have more markets open to them as they can be sold into schemes like Red Tractor or the Quality Standard Mark. This is also becoming increasingly important for those who want to sell into export markets,” she added.

Steers over 30 months showed the biggest difference between assured and non-assured, at 12.5p per kilo more, and almost 79% of cattle sold in England last year was assured. However, these percentages vary around the country.