Red Tractor pig standard simplified

Steps to simplify the Red Tractor standards for pigs have been taken, after a review group was tasked to make the process more efficient.

A line-by-line review of four sections was completed by the review group, in order to help further differentiate Red Tractor members from non-members.

The group, which was established by the Red Tractor Pig Scheme in March, looked at all individual standards: the concept of core and non-core standards and recommendations; a proportionate, risk-based methodology to assess the different types of standards; and sanctions for non-compliance with the standards.

Red Tractor chairman Mike Sheldon said: "We have already identified options on how the process by which the standards operate could be simplified for both producers and auditors."

He also said that he was "extremely" pleased with the progress and how quickly it had been made, but added that there was "still much to do".