Halal forum to replace Steering Group

In a move which has proven unpopular among some within the halal sector, red meat levy body Eblex has established a new open halal forum to replace the current steering group.

The organisation has announced that forum will take place twice a year and will be open to anyone involved in the halal sector. However, it has been accused of making the decision behind “closed doors” without discussing it with its members.

Board member of the Eblex Halal Steering Group Naved Syed said: “They’ve closed the steering group because they were never supporting it in the first place, and I am very angry about it. They are stealing our levy for the benefit of non-Muslim companies and they are getting rid of the main players.”

Eblex responded to Syed’s comment, saying the group members had been advised that the format was being discussed at a board meeting last week. Eblex chairman John Cross commented: “Much of the work we do benefits the whole industry, including the halal sector – in particular in terms of export work and marketing, to which we allocate significant spend.

“There is no suggestion that we are going to be doing any less work that benefits the halal sector.”

Meanwhile, Cross stressed the importance of the forum due to “ensuring transparency and openness”. He claimed the forum will aim to engage with the sector’s representatives.

The timing of the forum’s first session has yet to be confirmed, but is due to take place this year.