Tweets from Sustaining the Health of the Nation Conference

The Sustaining the Health of the Nation Conference took place in London today and was attended by leading industry decision makers.


Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Certain foods make you feel good and that’s what we have to tackle, Pemberton. #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Believe we have a lot to learn from addiction and perhaps we need to study our addiction to food more. Kleanthous. #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Meat consumption is declining, so calls to eat less meat is accelerating that decline. Mick Sloyan, bpex. #meathealth.”

Tony Goodger @porkforcaterers: “We have to dispel myths and improve the quality of the information and facts put out in the media #meathealth.”

Tony Goodger @porkforcaterers: “Only 1% of the population meet multiple guidelines for healthy eating. Long away to go to get consumers to eat a balanced diet #meathealth.”


Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “No nutrition leadership anymore in England after FSA had role taken away. Ruxton #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Traffic light labelling is very good but controversial. Who wants red lights on their label. Kleanthous. #meathealth.”

Meat Trades Journal @MTJ_tweet: “Where should people be getting their health advice from? Asks Dr Hilary Jones #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Smoking ban shows you can change people’s behavior, Ursell. #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Lack of education: my patients often don’t know how to boil a cabbage. Pemberton. #meathealth.”

EBLEX @EblexTweets: “AK: I have a bit of problem with Meat Free Mondays. It’s not about 1 day a wk changing habits. It’s what you do on a daily basis.”


Tony Goodger @porkforcaterers: “The Government have a roll to play and that begins with food in schools and NHS. #meathealth.”

Tony Goodger @porkforcaterers: “#meathealth - don’t look at meals in isolation but at meals consumed over a week/month. You’ll see that we aren’t eating too much red meat.”

EBLEX @EblexTweets: “@MaxPemberton (Dr & DTel columnist) says diet about balance, which is a bland message, and so not reported like that in media #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Consumers get bland message from health professionals, and exciting and contradictory messages from media. Pemberton. #meathealth.”

Tony Goodger @porkforcaterers: “‘UK consumers need more guidance of what is a healthy and sustainable diet’ - Anthony Kleanthos #meathealth.”

EBLEX @EblexTweets: “@akleanthous says Gov eatwell plate broadly right for diet and environment but does not distinguish where food produced #meathealth.”


Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “If we’re discouraging meat consumption, what are we encouraging them to eat more of, and will it be sustainable? Ruxton. #meathealth.”

Meat Trades Journal @MTJ_tweet: “Water consumption figures commonly quoted for meat production are nonsense, says Cranfield Uni’s Dr Adrian Williams #meathealth.”

EBLEX @EblexTweets: “AW: There are negative effects of livestock production but needs to be balanced by looking in broader context of the landscape.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Pigs and chickens should be recyclers, but difficult in current legislation, need to reopen mbm debate. Browning. #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “We need to be uniting around the “less but better” message to allow farmers and industry to flourish. Garnett. #meathealth.”


Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: "Tara Garnett: I’m going to talk quite boldly about the need to eat less meat. #meathealth."

Eblex @EblexTweets: "Humans are not vegetarians says @DrCarrieRuxton at #meathealth “Cave paintings never show people eating carrots”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: "Heart disease has become a plague since we started moving into processed foods. Ridley. #meathealth"

Dr Carrie Ruxton @DrCarrieRuxton: "#meathealth: studies on native people’s traditional diets of fatty meats, fish, liver 10x richer in vitamins than modern diets."

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Fruit and vegetables are great, but they’re not nutrient dense.” Meat industry needs to communicate this. Ridley. #meathealth."

Tony Goodger @porkforcaterers: "Liver - there is no food higher in nutrients. We need to eat more liver within a balanced diet #meathealth."


Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Long history of humans eating meat. “cave paintings do not depict people eating carrots!” Ruxton. #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: "Horsemeat scandal has consumers asking questions. “Are we being ripped off by an ever lengthening supply chain. Jones. #meathealth."

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: “Sort of lean meat we eat now is very different to the high fat meats we’d have eaten in the past. Ruxton. #meathealth.”

Ed Bedington @EdtheMeatMan: "People are increasingly turning to vegan and veg diets, particularly a disproportionate amount of journalists. Dr Hilary Jones. #meathealth."

jon mcleod @mcleodjon: “@drcarrieruxton tells #meathealth if anything women eat too little red meat, men slightly too much.”